Verizon FIOS Promotion Code and Promo Codes 2013

Verizon FIOS promotion code and coupon
Verizon FiOS has quickly become one of the most relied on communications networks in the United States. This is a unique bundled service that provides the subscriber with Internet access, a home telephone line, and television service.

Verizon FiOS Promotion Codes and FiOS Promotion Code for 2013:

  • See all of the Verizon Broadband FiOS and Standard Bundles and Special Offers.
  • Check out the Verizon FiOS Triple Play Promotion for $89.99/mo. + Free $300 Visa Gift Card with a 2 year contract. The Triple Play includes FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service! Activation fee is waived for online orders!
  • Check out the Verizon FiOS Double Play starting for $69.99/mo. for 1 year. This offer includes FIOS Internet + FIOS TV service. Activation fee is waived for online orders, and option to add HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME & Cinemax for 50% off for 12 months!
  • Check out the Verizon High Speed Triple Play for $64.99 per month for 1 year (requires 2 year DirecTV agreement). This offer includes Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service. Option to add HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME & Cinemax for FREE for the first 3 months. Also receive 2013 NFL SUNDAY TICKET at no extra charge.
  • Check out the Verizon High Speed Double Play for $34.99. This offer includes Verizon High Speed Internet and Verizon Phone service.
  • Get Verizon High Speed Internet for only $19.99/month with no term agreement. Must have existing Verizon home phone service. Click “Plans” to see the deal.
  • Check out the Verizon Business Bundle starting for $84.99. The Business Bundle includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone, and includes 2nd basic phone line.


    Verizon is one of the world’s first major carriers of “fiber to home” communication bundled packages. This service was first offered by Verizon in 2005 and has quickly become one of the most popular entertainment and communication bundled packages.


    It should be noted that some locations in the United States don’t have the ability to acquire this type of bundled service due to various franchise agreements. However, the majority of the United States is in fact covered by this fiber-optic communications network.


    Understanding How Verizon FiOS Works


    A passive optical network technology established by Verizon transmits the use of Internet, television, and telephone communication via a fiber-optic network. The information transmitted on this network travels over three powerful wavelengths.


    These wave lengths and their details are as follows:

    • The upstream for this network comes in at 155 Mbits. This is a 1210 nanometer wavelength.
    • The downstream for this network comes in at 622 Mbits. This is a 1490 nanometer wavelength.
    • The digital cable is transmitted via 870 MHz of bandwidth. This is a 1550 nanometer wavelength.


    This type of network can either be set up outside the home or inside the home. This will be determined by access to the network and how a person’s home is wired. During the installation process a trained technician will be able to determine how and where the network will be installed in the home to ensure effective service.


    Internet Access with Verizon FiOS


    There are several tiers of service that a person can choose from electing to purchase the Verizon FiOS service. These Internet services can be acquired individually apart from telephone and television if a person chooses not to go with a bundled package. However, by bundling all three service types a person can save themselves significant money.


    All service tiers are available in all service areas but the prices of these services vary from market to market. However, some of the “legacy” tiers and newer tier options may be in limited use based by area. As the Verizon FiOS service continues to expand these services will be offered common place everywhere.


    Each Internet tier is based on the data downstream and upstream of the service.


    The following are the most common tiers offered when it comes to internet speed. However, speed rates can change and do change often. Check with a local supplier in order to determine accurate numbers based on location.

    • Tier #1: 15 Mbps (Download Rate) 5 Mbps (Upload Rate)
    • Tier #2: 50 Mbps (Download Rate) 25 Mbps (Upload Rate)
    • Tier #3: 75 Mbps (Download Rate) 25 Mbps (Upload Rate)
    • Tier #4: 150 Mbps (Download Rate) 65 Mbps (Upload Rate)
    • Tier #5: 200 Mbps (Download Rate) 65 Mbps (Upload Rate)


    Television with Verizon FiOS


    As with the Internet services offered by Verizon FiOS, the television service can be acquired separately or as part of a package. Additionally, the television options offered by Verizon come in a variety of tiers based on the type of quality that a person desires. This also includes added features such as DVR which allows a person to record television shows while they are away from home.


    There are also common applications that come with the television portion of the Verizon FiOS bundle. These include interactive widgets and a programming guide.

    The basic Verizon FiOS television tiers are as follows:

    • Select HD
    • Prime HD
    • Extreme HD
    • Ultimate HD
    • La Conexion (A Spanish language program)

    There are also basic channel options and numerous pay-per-view options and video on demand options to choose from.

    Telephone Service with Verizon FiOS


    The basic telephone services offered by Verizon are clear and fast. However, during extreme weather the service can be interrupted. This generally only results during power outages as the system is not a typical “land line” but runs on a fiber-optic system.


    Availability of Verizon FiOS


    To determine the availability of all features offered in the Verizon FiOS package one must speak with a trained professional that can determine this based on the area in which the person resides and wants the service installed.


    Cost of Verizon FiOS


    The cost of the FiOS Verizon bundled package varies from market to market. Any person looking to acquire rates will need to speak with a licensed service provider that can provide them with accurate quotes based on the service options available in their area.


    Additionally, the cost of this service will also vary based on the tiers you choose when it comes to the Internet speed and television service type you choose.


    However, by making use of a bundled Verizon FiOS service you will be able to save yourself more money than you would be able to do if acquiring these services separately.


    How to Save Money on Verizon FiOS


    Those people that are looking to save even more money with a bundled package that includes television, telephone, and Internet with Verizon have found that they can acquire discounts and specials by acquiring coupons online. There are numerous websites and online resources that a person can rely on in order to acquire the best coupons available to them. They can use these coupons to quickly save themselves money on all types of bundled packages offered by Verizon.


    Any person that has limited funds or that simply want to save money will immediately consider acquiring these types of discounted coupons found online.



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