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Sprint phones are some of the best cell phones on the market. They offer the best coverage and features for the price. In fact, their best plan is the unlimited text and data plan. Here are some facts on the Sprint phones, their plans and how to save even more with online coupons.

Time to Get a New Phone

If you have an old phone, then you probably have reached the point where the new phones that are coming out look good. You might even have one in particular picked out. If that’s the case then you might be unsure of what cell phone company to choose. Sprint is an excellent choice these days. With all of the choices available, the big thing to consider is the price and service.

What Sprint Offers

1. The Sprint unlimited text and talk plan offers just that. You can text and cruise the Internet all day and never have any extra expense. You even get enough minutes to talk all you need to and night and weekends are always free with sprint. The plan costs $69 a month. If you want completely unlimited everything, then you only pay $89 a month. That means that you can talk anytime as long as want. You could even talk 24 hours a day and you still would never have any overages.

2. You even get a free phone when you sign up. Some phones cost something, but there are many choices that are completely free. You can get smart phones that have all of those features that you know you want in your cell phone. All of the things your current cell phone doesn’t offer can be found in the new phone that Sprint offers through online coupons. That means that you get what you want and it costs you less than your old plan.

3. Service is the name of the game with sprint. Everything about the company offers you the best service anywhere. There are built-in features that the other guys charge for. One example if Sprint TV. Verizon charges for their TV. AT&T does too. Sprint offers a basic channel list completely free. Stream it from your new iPhone or Android and pay nothing extra.

4. They have more features than you can imagine. Everything from number and text blocking to business services on the personal line. If you choose the business plan, then you get even more. You will be able to run your home office from your Sprint phone easily.

5. Add lines too for next to nothing. Sprint is always offering online coupon deals for adding phones and sharing all of that text and talk time. You even get to share the web that way as well. The name of the game is savings, and Sprint knows how to offer all of that to you along with the best service anywhere. They even put it in writing. Check out their site and see for yourself.

Time for Fun

There’s fun to expect as well. Nobody offers more fun and applications than Sprint. Most people don’t even realize it. It’s true though. They have applications that are specifically for Sprint users. Everything that you need to do has an application to help you accomplish your goal. Conferencing through video and email communication are all part of the fun. Games and groups on the “MySprint” section of the site all work together to create a community of fun.

Parental Controls

Use one of those online coupons to get the savings from Sprint today and you can expect some of the best parental controls around. With the family plan, you can locate your children through the family plan and track where they go on their phones. Control what time they use their phones and where they go online. You can watch out for their texts too. Everything can work to help you protect your kids better with the Sprint Family Plan. All of that comes for a great savings too.

Speaking of Online Coupons

There are online coupons that get you the latest phones too. We aren’t just talking about free smart phones either. There are some of the latest smart phone choices from Sprint that you can imagine. You can get an iPhone or Android phone and even add some for the family. Many sites online offer these types of coupons for saving money and getting free phones. All that you have to do is check them out. Here are just a few of the typical choices in online coupons for Sprint.

- You can get free phones and free shipping when you sign up for Sprint.
- You can get $100 off a new iPhone when you port your number over to Sprint.
- You could also get several other phones are free with new service as well.

The only question is which one should you get? Which plan do you need? What type of new phone do you want? Go ahead, select the phone that you really want and save money at the same time with online coupons and some of the best cell phone coverage that any provider offers today.


Published:June 1, 2013


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