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ATT U-Verse Coupon CodesAT&T as a company has been around for quite a long time. It began in the 1800′s to ensure that no one stole Alexander Graham Bell’s marvelous invention called the telephone. Over the next century, it developed into a large, multi-million dollar company that offered phone service and eventually split into several smaller companies all centered around the original company. Later, the company began to offer other services such as internet, cable and cellular phones.

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U-verse: The Beginning

In 2004, AT&T announced that it was working on a fiber optic network that would provide television over an internet protocol(IPTV).

How This Works

With IPTV, the user isn’t required to have a satellite or cable lines in order to receive television channels. The channels are streamed over an IP network to the customer’s home. Customer’s have the option of live television, time shifted or start over television and video on demand. This is not the same as internet TV, because of the way that programming is delivered and received. A customer must have some type of equipment for receiving programming.
2005, saw the first beta test for this new service and it was given the name U-verse. In 2006, U-verse was officially launched to the public and as the year progressed, it was expanded to include other areas. It expanded even more in 2007 and in 2008, U-verse voice was added. High speed internet was eventually added making it easier for customers to have their TV, home phone and internet all on one bill. AT&T is currently working to expand their service area for U-verse to more homes by 2015.
Packages Offered

U-verse offers a variety of packages based on what the customer wants. Customers can choose their channel lineup as well as add any special channels that may not normally be included. Customers can also choose to bundle their services and make their bill slightly lower than purchasing services separately.

Pros and Cons

Same services as cable and satellite.
Cheaper than cable and satellite.
Only one company to deal with instead of two or three.
Bundles through satellite TV are usually through at least two different companies.
If a customer has a problem with service, they have to contact whichever company that
particular service is through. U-verse and its services are all through AT&T.

U-verse isn’t available everywhere yet.
Customers must be within a certain radius of the fiber optic node in order to receive

Depending on what a customer signs up for is going to determine what they are going to pay for their services. One major determining factor is what programming line up they choose and what other services they want to bundle with it. The equipment they choose will also have an effect on their cost. Also, it really is true that the more you bundle, the more you save in the long run. It is cheaper to get all of your services through one company in a bundle than to get TV with one and phone or internet with another. Regular receivers are much cheaper than DVR receivers and the more channels a customer wants, the more that customer is going to pay. Luckily, there are solutions to some of these costs. There are websites that offer discounts for U-verse services. The AT&T website will show you their discounted rates for certain services and for bundling services, but there are websites out there that offer coupon codes giving the customer even more discounts and other perks. These websites verify the coupon codes and post them for customers to take advantage of. Once a customer decides on a coupon code, the website will transfer them to AT&T’s website along with the coupon code and the coupon will be added at checkout. Many of these websites search daily or weekly for new coupon codes for their customers.
Some of the coupon codes include:

  • Free WiFi device with high speed internet
  • Reward Card with U-verse Triple Play

Before you go straight through AT&T for U-verse service, make sure to search Google for websites that are going to save you even more money with one of these coupon codes.


Published:May 1, 2014


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